March 4th – Today the Environment Agency was bleating on about extreme weather – drought and flood – meanwhile the river level in Upper Wensum is very low but the sluice at Fakenham Mill is wide open. Practising and preaching does readily comes to mind.
Perhaps the Environment Agency’s trouble is too many men in suits and not enough man in waders.

March 23rd – We had a snow warning today saying anyone travelling in icy conditions should carry:
A shovel, blankets or sleeping bag, extra clothing including scarf, hat and gloves as well as 24 hours supply of food and drink, a de-icer, 5Kgs of rock salt, a torch or lantern with spare batteries Plus Road flares and reflective triangles, a tow rope,
a 5 gallon petrol jerry can, a first aid kit and jump leads, etc.
I felt a complete prat on the bus this morning !!