Sunday Evensong and after

 All Saints Church

Sitting here with a glass of red wine and the lights low firmly grasping my imaginary life rewind button memories of Sunday evenings past come flooding back. Evensong at All Saints Church. Some of the Prayer Books bearing the evidence of the boredom of the choirboys at having to endure so many sermons. Some with their lists of Motor Cycle models with the occasional drawing of the flying M of the Matchless or the gold Star of the BSA. on their fly sheet. Other Prayer Books listing car models, military aircraft, boys names, girls names, Ipswich Town Footballers, past and present, the same for the Ipswich Witches Speedway Team and numerous others I can’t recall. If only the preachers knew how bored the choirboys got from a surfeit of sermons they maybe would not have gone on at such great length.

Finally the service would finish and the Youth Fellowship members would head for BroomhillPark, commonly called Broomsticks by us all. Those of us with steadies hand in hand the other young ladies wondering which  young man would walk them home and whether it would lead to more than holding hands and a fleeting kiss.

A song yes that was it


Gee but it’s great after being out late

Walking my Gina back home
Arm and arm over meadow and farm
Walking my Gina back home

We go along harmonizing a song
Or I’m reciting a poem
Owls go by and they give me the eye
Walking my Gina back home

We stop for awhile she gives me a smile
Snuggles her head to my chest
We started to pet and that’s when I get
Her talcum all over my chest.


So trivial, so ordinary, so absolutely wonderful.