Toutes Directions

This is not “My holiday photographs” nor is it the old school essay favourite “What I did on my holidays”. It is my impressions of the places we have visited but most of all the people we met. Memories of places dim with time. I can’t even remember how many times we have been to France, or Spain either for that matter. The place names in some cases have gone from my memory probably never to return but the people we met are truly memorable and will never be forgotten.

The title “Toutes Directions” comes from being lost in France, (good title for a song that), when every road we came up to seemed to bear the legend “Toutes Directions”, somewhere near Rennes it was, if my memory serves me right.

Remember when travelling it’s the people who make the place and the place that makes the people.

Sadly my travelling days are over now, the cost of insurance has seen to that but I still have the memories to share.