Laura Lucy Lee

Moonlite Lake

Laura Lucy Lee sat on the bench gazing out over the shimmering crystal waters of the lake. She looked up at the moon in a star filled cloudless sky and then down at the other moon in the lake that lay before her as if it was worshipping at the feet of her beauty. Around her mouth twitched a Mona Lisa smile as she awaited her mysterious admirer. Be at the lake tonight had been the cryptic message from the half remembered voice. In the distance an owl hooted and was answered by the bark of a dog fox. Suddenly she heard footsteps on the path behind her and the rustle of autumn leaves. “ No don’t turn round”, said the half remembered voice. Again in the distance she heard a bell. She stirred and opened her eyes. She reached down her hand and fondled the kitten stretched out and purring on the magazine she had left on the foot of her bed. Now she sighed I shall never know who my mystery man was.