A new Dad’s Sunday Morning


Sitting here with a glass of red wine and the lights low firmly grasping my imaginary life rewind button memories of our delight in our new baby come into my mind. I had successfully completed my professional examinations thereby freeing up my evenings for gardening and tending my newly acquired allotment which hopefully would relieve some of the pressure on our rather tight budget. 

This allowed my Sunday mornings to be free to load a now sitting up Nicky into her pram and take her out. This gave My Gina some well deserved baby-free time. 

We lived on the edge of Ipswich with the town to the East and the countryside just a few hundred yards to the West. The pram was always firmly pointed towards the West. That pram was pushed through fields and country lanes for many a mile over the months. Animals and birds were identified and pointed out to a somewhat uninterested Nicky. Hedgerow fruits were picked and the tastes introduced to a more interested Nicky.  Then it was home to the aroma of Sunday Lunch. Just a typical young couple striving to make ends meet, wrapped up in each other and reveling in our young Nicky.