Marmalade sponge pudding

Marmalade sponge pudding.


Makes two individual puddings.

For the sponge puddings
55g/2oz softened butter, plus extra for greasing
55g/2oz caster sugar
1 free-range egg
55g/2oz self-raising flour
1 tbsp milk
2 tbsp orange marmalade

For the orange syrup
3 tbsp orange marmalade
squeeze fresh orange juice


1. For the sponge puddings, place the softened butter and sugar into a food processor and blend until smooth and light.
2. Add the egg, flour and milk and blend again to a smooth batter.
3. Grease two ramekins (or single portion aluminium basins)  and add a tablespoon of marmalade into the bottom of each. Divide the sponge batter between the two ramekins making sure that the marmalade bottom is covered completely. Leave a few inches of room at the top for the sponges to rise. Cover with cling film and steam for one hour.. Remove the cling film, loosen the edges of the sponge with a knife, and turn out the sponges onto a serving plate.

4. For the orange syrup, place the marmalade and orange juice into a small pan over a low heat and gently warm through.
5 To serve, pour the orange syrup over each sponge and serve with vanilla ice cream…